My Christmas Spirit of Thanks

Most people don’t make reference to their job as being an example Christmas spirit but I have been blessed with the coolest story yet.
A couple of years ago, I was hosting an Open House. I had a family come checked out the house like everyone else but there was something about this family. There was the usual mom and children but her mom was there too. The wife was a little standoffish but her mom was the one doing all the talking and asking questions.
The reason of being distant with me was the family has had some disappointments with agents, mortgage brokers, and were not living they way they expected. They were told they had a mortgage because the mortage broker had “pre- qualified” her husband for a loan. Being in the real estate business, that means you are breathing. You need to be pre- approved because the mortgage broker researches if you can afford a house. Why was it a big deal for their family? Here it comes.
They are a family of six and the husband had just retired after 27 years of serving in the military and moved his family all over the country. His desire was to move back to the area and raise his family here. So, he retires, comes home, and finds out the whole deal of buying their forever home was non existent. No loan because of time at the employer. To survive, they split the family in half with three going to his parents and the wife with two school aged children at her mom’s. They had lived 8 months apart by the time we met and showing some straining of the family. The joke was “We can fight and just hangup the phone like the old days. ” They needed a good size house but there were few on the market in their price range during November. So I tried to go just a little bit over the limit and see if we could bring down the asking price. Great news, we found one! The sellers took it. Then came the big holiday question.
We were writing the offer up just before Thanksgiving, and he asked if we could close in about 3O days. Not realizing what he was asking I said, lets make it a goal. We had a couple of hiccups, and it looked like we were going to have to extend the contract date to just before the end of the year. With a contracted closing date of the 23RD and it was the first of December, we were looking for a miracle. His request was to be in the house by Christmas Eve so his family could be together for Christmas under one roof. See, his career look him overseas alot over the holidays and he was in Turkey for the previous holidays. He and his family gave this county 27 years of sacrifice so the least I could do was to make this happen. Lots and lots of phone calls and Tums and building a 25 foot handrail in 20° with frozen ground) we closed on the 23RD in the evening. I thought I would be cute and gift boxed the house keys to hand to them at closing. The wife cryed the rest of the closing. Good move, right!
It doesn’t end there. The next day I recieve a picture from them which I wish I could find. I knew the were not all moved in because their stuff was still in storage in three different states!
If I remember right, the picture was them in front of the fireplace with a new Christmas tree and KFC buckets on a picnic bucket. He just said Thank you and Merry Christmas. It meant so much. Merry Christmas!


One of the Benefits of being a Realtor

As we celebrate the day set aside to remember our Armed Forces Veterans,  I appreciate it more knowing how I have giving back and helped out our Vets find a place to rest. This is something that I don’t take lightly in my adventures of being a Realtor. This past year I had the Honor of helping a couple purchase their first home and make it a great place for their son. This is not a story of how great I am but how great this soldier is.

The adventure started with meeting the wife, her son, and her friend at the first house of three. With not to much to work with, I started to ask the questions of financing, area, size, and what is your commute like. The referral chit chatting started and I found out that her husband was deployed and would be coming home soon from his 9 month deployment. Short story is the third house she loved and asked if it was ok to make a call to her husband. It was a Skype call and we literally toured the house again via her showing him since he was at a computer. That house didn’t work out. The house we did find while he was home worked out! We were going through the process and I get the call. Tom, I am being deployed for twp weeks and will not have the ability to call. Take care of the house and my family. I was like what. We had challenges with the inspections and had work to do. The wife and I got it done. He was home for a week and the deal was closed on time. Thank you Jamie and Justin for letting my share in your lives…