One of the Benefits of being a Realtor

As we celebrate the day set aside to remember our Armed Forces Veterans,  I appreciate it more knowing how I have giving back and helped out our Vets find a place to rest. This is something that I don’t take lightly in my adventures of being a Realtor. This past year I had the Honor of helping a couple purchase their first home and make it a great place for their son. This is not a story of how great I am but how great this soldier is.

The adventure started with meeting the wife, her son, and her friend at the first house of three. With not to much to work with, I started to ask the questions of financing, area, size, and what is your commute like. The referral chit chatting started and I found out that her husband was deployed and would be coming home soon from his 9 month deployment. Short story is the third house she loved and asked if it was ok to make a call to her husband. It was a Skype call and we literally toured the house again via her showing him since he was at a computer. That house didn’t work out. The house we did find while he was home worked out! We were going through the process and I get the call. Tom, I am being deployed for twp weeks and will not have the ability to call. Take care of the house and my family. I was like what. We had challenges with the inspections and had work to do. The wife and I got it done. He was home for a week and the deal was closed on time. Thank you Jamie and Justin for letting my share in your lives…



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