What Fun the Year has been and learned something too!

As we all do this time of the year, we reflect back on the experiences of the past year and either giggle or cry. I am reflecting back on the moments that could be labeled as an educational moments to share. The names have been changed to protect the innocent. Theses are just life moments, and are not taught in school!
The first learning moment is called “I’m getting divorce soon!”
Depending on your state law, even if you and your future ex-spouse are separated and not a discharged divorce, your husband can stop the purchase of the future ex-wife. Your lawyer has to have a form signed to state he is waiving his right to stop the purchase. If this is not signed, you can not proceed. A crazy little rule!
The next thing that I have to pass on is “P.S. Look at my new car.”
You have your pre-approval and you are looking at homes. You find your forever home for your family and the garage can fit a SUV! The car dealer says It wont hurt your credit rating so you go for it. Then you need to meet your agent and show off the new wheels. Yes, your credit rating might have not changed but your income to debt ratio did by 30 to 50,000 dollars!
The next one is a simple one called P.S. should I file my taxes from last year now
OMG. Enough said…..
Now, the next one might just because of being OCD but its called “Are you sure we didn’t tell you that we were going on a week long cruise?” It is one of those Murphy’s Law things. We are just waiting to close in three weeks and, the title company finds your name on a legal document and just need to make sure it is not you. They can’t proceed with out confirmation, and the agent can not find you. So the agent keeps calling and calling and fear something bad is happening. Two days later when you are in dock, the buyers or sellers receive the voice mails and calls in a panic. Good news, hopefully it was solved. Bad news, your agent just gained some grey hair!
And finally, an strange one that did happen to me and lets call it “Pet Cemetery” or “Did I mention that we buried our pet in the basement.” Short of getting into a Stephen King type discussion, I have only had to deal with the after effect of a hole in the dirt basement floor before the final walk through. It did not kill the deal but my buyers were slightly shocked by the hole in the floor and the reason why. Don’t believe it is a disclosure issue but maybe a conversation with an addendum would help things. The family pet was buried in the dirt floor side of the basement and were moved before the final walk through. Everything was cool.
What I have learned from this past year, there is no life like a real estate agent life!
Happy New Years and Have a Great 2018!!!

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