Home Safety Ideas

If you have wondered as much as I have on how to make my home safer for my family, we must be responsible adults in this crazy world we all are living in.

I have learned a few things as I travel down this wonderful world of real estate and I really do mean that. I can truly say that I have never had the same day or the same transaction in this business. I was working in an accounting like job that my day was pretty much the same everyday but I’ll save that story for another day. 

This letter is about the little things that I have learned that you might have heard of or not on your travels of maintaining the safety of your castle.

1. My first did you know ~ That fire detectors expire? We all have heard the saying “change batteries when you change the clocks” . We all know this is in refinance to smoke detector’s batteries but did you know that there is an expiration date on the detector itself.The little bit of material needed for the detection loses its ability to do its job . So the next time you change your batteries, look for the date!

2. My second one is ~ Open light bulb sockets bad? This one happened to us. A lamp’s bulb burns out and you are in the room when it happens. You naturally unscrew the bulb , take it to the garbage , get a new one, and head back to the lamp. Nothing out of ordinary, right? Well, as I heading back to the room, my daughter stuck a butter knife in the open bulb socket. The switch was still in the on position and the electrical current passed through the knife and her hand. By many graces, her thumb was on a metal part of the lamp and the charge left her body.

3. The third one is ~ What is the dryer Beast? The dryer beast is the little cared or noticed shiny vent tube that goes from the back to the dryer to the outside. This is a small part of the appliance but just as important as the lent trap! This also needs to be changed out every six months or so. The lent that in deposited here builds up fairly quickly and with the heat coming through can become a nasty fire hazard!

4. The forth did you know ~ Did you ever figure out what these are for? This one is coming from a home inspector. There is a stop on our windows that prevents the window from being too far! It looks like a small rumble strip about two inches from the lower pane. Put your finger on it and push it up. It should pop out! Now who would open a window and crawl out and not tell their parent. My guess would be a toddler. Nice option that I never knew about.

5. The fifth thing is ~ What is a GFI plug and why is it the talk? This plug is not new but pops up at home inspections all the time. I only know the why and it is big. Lets say you are curling your hair next to a member the family who is shaving and you place the curling iron down. The iron rolls into the sink. With a GFI plug, the current is broken and no one is hurt or worse !

6. And finally, this one ~ Who bags up your new items boxes? This one came from a police officer . We all see it on garbage day. The people in the area have their new tv or computer box just propped up next to the cans. You drive by and think , Oh the Smiths got a new 60” flat screen. There are people who drive around and note 2314 Main St has the tv we need . Simply bag up the box and invite the Johnsons over for movie night on the new tv!

Hoped these might help you and till the next time, Be Safe!